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Good Father's Day (Indonesia)

On March 27, 2024, the SSCC Yogyakarta scholasticate community organised an interesting  celebration on the Feast of the “Good Father” with the theme: “Imitating the spirit of  heart (generosity) of a good father figure”. The whole SSCC family; brothers, sisters and SSCC youth in Jogjakarta participated in this unique activity. The series of our activities on the day of Good Father were as follows.  At 08.00, all of us departed to the prayer garden under the Cross of Jesus Church of St. John The Apostle Parish Priwulung, Yogyakarta, bringing our bicycles and wearing a black T shirt with marked with the logo SSCC 100 years. After arriving at the destination, Fr Yose Rianghepat sscc gave a reflection on the meaning of sincerity in the Good Father. With this enlightenment, we were divided into groups and went on to distribute social assistance (token – foods) to the street people we found along our way. At 11: 30, we joined together continue  personal adoration, bringing to prayer, (reparative adoration) those people we had encountered. In the afternoon, at 6.00pm we celebrated the Eucharist, followed by community adoration guided by the text coming from the General House.

After sharing  dinner we continued our celebration in Joglo with creative programs such as poems, songs,  anecdotes about situations that Good Father had experienced and of course with  folk dance from Flores, where everybody could participate using various  foot movements.  Happy Feast of the Good Father to all of you from Jogyakarta, Indonesia.