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Impressions of Meeting Around Final Vows (Brs)

Santhosh, an SSCC priest of India, one of the coordinators of the meeting, formator responsible of the candidates and prenovices in Bangalore.

The program around final vows started with an invitation for the participants to build a community while they are here together. It invited them to a journey of personal synthesis which encourage them to look into the initial stages of formation they had done.

This synthesis further deepened through an atmosphere created by the team, focused on participants discerning and deepening their identity as religious of the Sacred hearts through a community life and spirit of respect and friendship which led them to make a commitment for life, to be messengers and witnesses to Christ's compassionate love to the world through their ministry as priests and religious.

Each one making their own personal project of life and bringing it to God at the Eucharist for His grace to live it as God has planned for us all to go beyond barriers and cultures and countries to be the torch bearers of the Sacred Hearts for today and tomorrow. The programme was highly recommended for the next group, of course with some modifications and room for improvements. We thanks God all the blessing he showered upon us.

With love and prayer, Santhosh Thothankara
Michael, SSCC filipino brother, hará sus votos perpetuos el 16 de octubre próximo, será ordenado diácono el 9 de noviembre de 2013, en Novaliches (Metro-Manila, Filipinas):

“Encontrarme con otros miembros de la Congregación de diferentes provincias fue para un privilegio en vistas de mi futura misión como religioso SSCC. Es muy interesante apreciar el compromiso que cada uno va asumiendo desde sus propias características individuales, pero comprometidos en la misma familia religiosa.

Ha sido muy importante el acento que se ha puesto en la vida de comunidad y en el espíritu de familia. Igualmente en la oración comunitaria junto con la personal, incluyendo el énfasis en la adoración. Nuestro estilo de vida en Yogyakarta ha sido sencillo en un ambiente muy favorable para desarrollar la creatividad. De paso, fue muy útil para conocer de cerca la misión de la Congregación en Indonesia”.
Ultan, SSCC Irish deacon; he will be ordained a priest on November 22, 2013, in Ireland

"I felt very welcomed by the brothers of Asia in a meeting where we could share our experience of life around our common SSCC charism. All groups were positive about the possibilities open to the future.

I was interested in the dialogue we had about situations of poverty in Asia and the contribution of the Congregation in this reality. It was interesting to see the various projects that have focused on service to the poorest.

Another prominent feature was that of our adhesion to the person of Jesus, something we have to care permanently, in an intimate relationship with him, as consecrated in the ministry we have received or will receive. We renewed awareness that our vow of poverty, chastity and obedience draws us into community.

In the mission we are sent by the community; mission and community must be closely linked, which is very necessary in my province of Ireland-England ".