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International Festival of Saitama Diocese in Tomobe (Brs)

Jim McDonough, ss.cc.

Here in Japan, like all developed countries, immigrants abound, probably from every nation not able to properly care for its people. They are searching for a quality of life, indeed, which every person deserves. I admire the courage of these people, who have left loved ones behind so that their own loved ones would not have to endure such sadness and uncertainty.

The Bishop of the diocese of Saitama, Daiji Tani (1), and our own SSCC’s who are trying to evangelize, have shown understanding and compassion for the large number of the "searching-foreigners" living here.
On June 30, the Bishop held a gathering of foreigners and Japanese Catholics in Tomobe (2). The purpose being, to create a welcoming atmosphere for the foreigners living here, and a sense of internationality among the Japanese.

All of the parishes in the diocese were encouraged to participate, resulting in the largest number of people to ever gather at our SS.CC. community property in Tomobe.. ...1000 plus, depending on who gave me the estimation.

There is so much we cannot do to help, but we can let them know that we care and that they are welcome!

On the bus, returning to the parish where I work, the fun-talk would have made the Bishop feel that the mission was accomplished.
(1) On July 27 Bishop Tani presented his resignation, accepted by Pope Francis, and Bishop Peter Takeo has been appointed Apostolic Administrator of Saitama
(2) The property of Tomobe is where the provincial house of Japan-Philippines province is located.