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Maxime Menga publishes his first book (Belgium)

Maxime Menga sscc has just published his first book, with the title: "The way to live in community. The gift and challenge of religious life".

The book talks about the construction of community and fraternal life in today's context, characterised more and more by the spirit of individualism which breaks the harmony of living together and questions the meaning of communion and the belonging of a religious to a community. The religious person today wants to live an independent life - what the author calls "the spirituality of well-being without community". This raises questions, since many of the elements of fraternal life are obscured. In some places, community has lost so much of its importance in the eyes of religious that it no longer appears as an ideal of life to be pursued. 

Thus, if what is supposed to be the salt of the world becomes insipid, what will we use to give it flavour?

The author's concern is to help us discover that without a true community life, religious life is built on sand. For community witness is the only salt (that gives flavour to the religious life) and light (that encourages others to follow Christ). God needs us to proclaim his Gospel, but he calls us together with others to make his Gospel a place of love, joy and forgiveness.

May each reader share in the work of building a better religious life for today and tomorrow.


Link: https://bit.ly/3xdccnF