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Meeting "around Final Vows" in English, in Yogyakarta (Brs)

   The second “meeting around Final Vows” in English has been commenced in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) on July 11 through August 7, 2011. The meeting has been organized for the English-speaking brothers by the CAP initial formators’ coordinators. We are 17 brothers: 10 from the province of Indonesia, 3 from the region of India, 1 from the province of Hawaii and Frs. Lambert Enga (Indonesia) and Santhosh Thottankara (India) as coordinators and Fr. Felipe Lazcano for spiritual accompaniment.

   The main objective of our gathering is to have a personal synthesis of our journey in the formation process from the moment of our initiation to the Congregation till date. Moreover, to prepare ourselves to face the future in the context of the mission of the Congregation particularly in CAP and the world in general.

   The meeting is taking place in Grya Tyas Dalem (House of the Sacred Heart), one of the formation houses for the SSCC Indonesian brothers. The different topics of the program will be presented by SSCC brothers and sisters. We too have invited speakers from outside the Congregation who will give talks on various contemporary religious topics.

     Later on we will send more information of the development of our meeting. So far we have had a day of group integration and we have elaborated a “community project” and we have begun to reflect on the initial formation itinerary that we have lived.