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Meeting of Brothers of the first stage of ongoing formation, Iberia (brothers).

The Brothers´ meeting of the first stage of Ongoing Formation took place in Seville, from Sunday March 20 night until to Tuesday 22 at lunch time. The age range goes from about 30 to 60, so the group was divided into two subgroups. The group of older brothers was coordinated by Enrique Losada, Superior Provincial, and younger one by Julio Garcia, a member of the Commission of Ongoing Formation of the Province. Prayers, food, free time and Masses have been together. As background: the Holy Year of Mercy that we are celebrating.

Among the attendees was José Luis Pérez, who since September that he went to the international community of Leuven had not returned to the Province. He could share with the brothers his experience of these first moments there and how he is gradually being able to manage himself in Dutch.

Being in Seville, the brothers have also been able to enjoy some processions of the Holy Week. The group of brothers of the province of Chile, René Cabezón, Magín Vega and Ricardo Sotomayor, also came to greet the brothers. They are doing a course in Manresa and these days were around the city.

The welcome to the brothers of the community of Conde de Galvez, where the meeting took place, Antonio Alcayde and Carlos Navascués, was especially appreciated.