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Meeting of the 4th Stage Formators' team (Brs)

On Tuesday 7 June, a meeting of the 4th Stage formators' team took place via skype at 4pm (Italian time). The following people took part in the meeting Alexis Nayak (India), Enrique Ramírez Capetillo (Mexico), Josef Barnabas Rianghepat (Indonesia) replacing Pankras Olak (elected Provincial), Thomas Sukotriraharjo and Jean Blaise Mwanda (Rome).

Among the points on the agenda: the situation of IF in each conference, the evaluation of the last three meetings of the 4th stage by videoconference and the possibility of organising an international meeting for those in the 4th stage before the next General Chapter.

The brothers of the 4th stage are very happy with the themes discussed so far: the vows of chastity, obedience and poverty today, mission and internationality and sexual abuse. Given the importance of some of the themes in relation to a changing church, the brothers in Indonesia have included the issue of sexual abuse in their formation programme. The team also thanked the translation service. The greatest difficulty is the time zone.

As for the possibility of holding an international meeting of the 4th stage in person before the next General Chapter (as decided in 2018), the General Commission for Initial Formation will contact the coordinators of IF and those responsible for the 4th stage of each conference to find out the number of participants in 2023-2024 and also the economic viability.

For the year 2021-2022 we will continue our programme by videoconference until October. The last 2 meetings will take place with the sisters. Thomas will invite the brothers who have just made their final vows this year to also participate.