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Meeting of the Commission for the beatification of the Paris Martyrs of 1871 (France)

On 29 November, the Diocesan House in Paris hosted the second meeting of the Commission that is coordinating preparations for the beatification of the Paris Martyrs of 1871. The composition of the Commission was expanded to include the pastors of two Paris parishes, Notre Dame de la Salette, where the relics of the Venerable Servant of God Fr. Henri Planchat RSV are located, and Notre Dame des Otages Parish, a parish established in the place of the execution of the Martyrs of 1871. 

In addition, the Commission was joined by those responsible for the musical setting of the ceremony, those involved in logistical matters and those related to the safety of the participants. A total of 15 people took part in the meeting.

The Chairman of the Commission - Fr. Gilles Morin, Superior of the French Province of the Congregation of the Religious of St. Vincent de Paul (RSV) briefly recounted what has been done so far and outlined what tasks are to be done in the near future. He also recalled the requirements for communicating information about the event and the need to emphasize the commitment of the future Blessed to serve the poor.

Among other things, the participants in the meeting discussed matters related to logistics and security issues, the liturgy, the preparation of invitations and entrance fees for participants in the ceremony, the participation of delegations from the Martyrs' home Dioceses, and the organization of events surrounding the beatification.

The next meeting is scheduled for 5 January, 2023.  

Link to material on the Picpus Martyrs:  https://bit.ly/3xTjQCw