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Meeting of the provincial superiors and delegations of CEA

On Wednesday 20 April, a meeting of provincial superiors and delegations of CEA took place by zoom, from 15.30 to 18.00 (Italian time). The aim was to continue and expand some of the points of reflection from the 12 March meeting of the CEA formators on Initial Formation. Present were: Camille Sapu (Provincial of Africa), Aurelio Cayón Díaz (Provincial of Iberia), Wojciech Kotowski (Provincial of Poland), Christian Flottes (Provincial of France-Polynesia), Jan Wousters (Superior Delegate of the Netherlands) and Martin Königstein (Provincial Superior of Germany and Coordinator of the CEA).

José Luis Pérez Castañeda (IF Coordinator of the CEA), Thomas Sukotriraharjo (General Commission of the IF) and Alberto Toutin (Superior General) participated as guests.

Two points were on the agenda: Is the lack of vocations to religious life a sign of the times? Is God speaking to us from this reality, and what is God saying to us through these signs of the times? These questions concern the whole Congregation and also the Church. To deepen our understanding of them, we need a time of discernment. 

What does God want to say to us in this time? God wants us to listen to him; our contemporaries also want us to listen to them. The first step of synodality is listening.

The next meeting of the four provincials of the CEA that has formation (Africa, Iberia, Poland and France-Polynesia) will take place on 23 May 2022, via zoom, from 15.00 to 17.30 (Italian time).

The Enlarged General Council will be held from 14 to 17 June 2022. This will return to the question of our reflection today: For what kind of religious life do we want to be formed?

We thank Ludger Widmaier and Jean Blaise Mwanda for their translation services.