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Meetings of the Conference of Asia and French Polynesia (CAP) in Batam (Indonesia) (brothers)

During  these final days of June and the first days of July,  a series of meeting of different groups of brothers of the CAP is taking place. Some meetings are at the Provincial House and some others at the SSCC Retreat House, both in Batam.

The meeting of the coordinators of Initial Formation was held June 26 and 27. After them , the economes, coordinated by Raja Sebastian, General Econome take their turn.  Then it will be a “Ministry Seminar”, for brothers and sisters and with the participation of the Superior General Javier Álvarez-Ossorio. Finally, there will be a meeting of the “Executive committee” of the Conference.


The Meeting of the CAP initial formation coordinators

On June 26 and 27, as noted, all the coordinators of Initial Formation of the Conference of Asia and French Polynesia had a meeting at Batam. The participants of this meeting were: Santhosh Thottankara, co-ordinator of the Initial Formation of CAP as well as of India; Martinus Pariyanto,  coordinator from Japan; Enrique Moreno Laval, coordinator from The Philippines; Célestin Tahiri  Tiaoao, from French Polynesia (with Silverius Tobe Namang as translator); Valentinus Sedu Ritan, who replaced Patrisius Breket Mudaj, the coordinator of Indonesia; and Pankrasius Olak from Rome.

The presence of Tahiri (from French Polynesia) and Martinus (form Japan), as Initial Formation coordinators of their respective communities, made this meeting more complete. The objectives were to get to know each coordinator and  the reality plus challenges of Initial Formation in their respective communities; another goal was to finalize the necessary preparation of the sixth month program for the final vows, so that all coordinators have the proper information in order to prepare in turn the participants before coming. The program will start in July next year.

In this meeting, the agenda, place and calendar for the next assembly of the CAP formators were also discussed. Following this meeting, the team for the sixth month program, Santhosh, Enrique and Pankras, continued their work, in order to get further ahead in their planning before presenting the program to the CAP executive. 

Tahiri, Silverius, Pankras, Martinus, Enrique, Valentinus, Santhosh