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More reports and PAC at the Pre-Chapter Sessions (Sisters)

The pre-capitular sessions continue their course, on line. On June 19 and 20, as scheduled, the reports of the General Government, Initial Formation, General Administration and, on Thursday 20, the Apostolic Plan of the Congregation were worked on.

Irene (Rene) Barboza sscc, from Hawaii, was in charge of animating the plenary session of these reports and Sujata Jena sscc, from India, collaborated in the secretarial service. The session began with a prayer prepared by the Pacific/USA-Asia Zone. Then each group, which had previously met, shared their reactions and what they considered to be the main challenges of each report.

Among the challenges for the Congregation, contemplated by the General Government, are fraternity, strengthening leadership to be more participative and synodal, continuing to support the realities of Asia and Africa, and continuing to implement the PAC. Some of the challenges of Initial Formation discussed were: the formation of formators, the care of formation communities, the balance between formation responsibilities and other tasks that formators have. Strengthening vocational discernment according to the criteria offered by the FI Plan. And among the challenges of the General Administration, the following were mentioned: To continue on the path towards self-financing in some presences and social projects. Promote a financial and ethical culture in the Congregation; reformulate the model of solidarity.

The plenary session of Thursday the 20th, dedicated to the Apostolic Plan of the Congregation (PAC), was animated by Goyi Marin and Thérèse Kabina, from the DR Congo, collaborated with the secretariat.

After the prayer, animated by the Europe-Africa Zone, Goyi presented a synthesis of the responses of all the Territories to the evaluation of the PAC as an instrument that impels and animates the mission and its validity for this time.

The secretaries of the five groups, organized by languages, presented their reactions to the new redaction of the PAC and their consideration of the possibility of its approval, at the 37th Chapter, as an official document of animation.

All the groups expressed that the PAC has animated and impelled the mission and has been a frame of reference for the apostolic projects in the Zones and Territories. The PAC is inspiring, open, and adapts to all the realities of the Congregation. The majority considered that the Priorities are current, relevant; the need to specify a priority more was commented. Some editorial adjustments are requested. There are suggestions for the Mission and Vision. It was suggested to elaborate common guidelines for the Social Projects and to evaluate the implementation and impact of the PAC on the life and mission of the Congregation.