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National Assembly of the Secular Branch in Chile (Brs & Srs)

The members of the Secular Branch, Sector of Chile, met as they do every year in the month of October. This time, the XV National Assembly, October 21 and 22, 2017, was at the Bethany retreat house, in the city of Osorno, South of Chile. The custom is that the area communities take turns in hosting, preparing everything needed for a smooth functioning of the gathering

So, being in contact with the brothers of the National Coordination of the Secular Branch, the three communities of the Southern Zone prepared everything. All the members participated in preparation of prayers, adoration, blessings of the table and in the closing Eucharist, where six brothers of La Unión and Concepción renewed their commitments.

On this occasion, the themes to be discussed were: to share what was experienced at the International Encounter of El Escorial (July 2017), both anecdotal and some of the topics covered: history of RS, its presence in the world and the role of the lay sscc.

The theme of formation was the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia, prepared by Eladio Poblete, layman of Viña del Mar, who previously sent chapters to all the communities to read and prepare a synthesis, which they then would share in the Assembly.

On this occasion, 65 lay people participated. Carmen Rosa Cornejo sscc, national advisor, along with four other sscc sisters in the Zones, Brother Erwin Harnisch sscc, who is the National Advisor were the companions. Armando Lanzani sscc and Miguel Ángel Concha sscc, who live in the community of La Unión also visited us. 

Link to a video of the moment of the renewal of commitments in the final Eucharist (in Spanish):