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New members of Wareham Secular Branch (Brs& Srs)

On September 29, 2015, 13 new members of the Secular Branch,  USA East  Sector, made their commitment. This took place during the Annual Secular Branch Conference of the USA-Pacific Region, which was at Sacred Hearts retreat/spirituality Center,  in Wareham, Massachusetts. All the Secular Branch Co-coordinators who had come for the meeting, mentors,  local Secular Branch members and some family were present at the ceremony.

The new members are from the geographical area in which the Retreat Center is located (Wareham) and other areas in Massachusetts, not too far from the Center.  The Center itself is where people of many religious traditions come for the spiritual refreshment of an inner healing. The Secular Branch here is very vibrant.

The Province welcomes the young men who are seeking to enter the Congregation to live in the SSCC community at the Center. The Secular Branch members  participate especially in the formation of these pre-novices. Many of the Secular Branch who have helped the pre-novices on their journey,  have not only shared their own journeys, but have further developed them. 

It is a grace to the Congregation to have such dedicated and faith filled people, sharing the SS.CC. charism,  and joining us as lay members on this deeper level.  The Secular Branch members have already become brothers and sisters within our family spirit present here, and in a special way, they join with the whole Congregation. 

To the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Honor and Glory.