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New Website for Youth & Vocation Pastoral of the Iberian Province (Brs)


On May 10, the feast of Father Damien, the new Website of Youth and Vocation Pastoral (PJV) of the brothers of the province Iberian was introduced to the public (www.pjvsscc.com). After a year of work we have managed to create an attractive website for young people, full of content, where the kids can meet, and where all of our catechists’ works in the PJV are presented.

Besides that, there will be constant interaction using the three social networks (Twitter, Tuenti and Facebook), minimum three updates every week will be made on visual content (Monday), a prayer proposal (Wednesday) and a youth Gospel commentary (Friday). By this we mean that the Website is dynamic and not only to help the youth to meet others, but also as an instrument to deepen their experience of God.

This platform is an initiative that emerged from the Provincial Commission of PJV. It was conducted by a lay brother as one of the works of the province, and is currently managed by a team of three brothers and a layman. In turn, each locality has appointed a communications delegate who actively assist in the maintenance of the Web platform.

In its early days the Web page has been very well received. Visitors have highlighted that it is attractive, intuitive and youthful, as well as having great number of files and content from its beginnings (over 1000 files). We leave some tweets:

"Seriously, great. You have exceeded the expectations;) Congratulations @ pjvsscc "

"Congratulate @ pjvsscc for the website you have made! Thank you for capturing so many experiences to know! # yosoysscc "

"@ Pjvsscc such good page, such good video. "The SSCC is a great family where faith is lived with joy. How great you are! "

Certainly we have put effort, enthusiasm and joy in its construction, and it seems to be a good place to evangelize.

We encourage you to visit it and to promote it in your area with gusto. For inquiries, suggestions and / or contribution that we can make, please send it directly to the Web (www.pjvsscc.com) or via e pjvsscc@gmail.com. Also you can do it through the social networks Twitter (@ pjvsscc), Tuenti (SSCC PJV Iberian Province) and Facebook (PJV Sacred Hearts).