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News from Colombia: preparation for final vows (Sisters)

Dear sisters,

Once again, we want to share with you about our life here and the events and experiences of this month. We had different sessions this month with various experienced people from the Congregation.

We resumed our formation on 6thApril after the Easter break, with two days led by Fr Federico Carrasquilla from Medellin. He shared his wisdom with us about discipleship of Jesus, which helped us to deepen our understanding of Jesus’ distinct manner of living and teachings, as   both God and man.

 Sr Maria Rubiela Ocampo SSCC from Medellin shared her deep knowledge and experience of our Spiritual Itinerary with the topics of “Waken up” and “Our radical option for Jesus is embodied in the charism”. This led us to reflect on how each one would like to identify as an SSCC in our present situation; through living the charism joyfully and passionately, and owning Jesus’ option as our own.

We attended two days’ convention of religious in Medellin, where we encountered many religious sisters and brothers from countries and congregations throughout the world. We had the chance to exchange our views, experiences and the needs of the world in small groups and to listen to inspiring talks from the speakers on how to be salt and light for today’s world, experiencing the fire of love within us.

Sr Nuria Lobo SSCC from Spain accompanied us  for 10 days with the theme of configuring our lives  with the life of Jesus,  as a follower of Jesus, by leading us to draw closer to   the 4 stages of Jesus’ life, His  Childhood, Hidden life, Apostolic life and Crucified life.  This brought lots of movements, inspiration, strength, promise and commitment. We had a one-day break to have fun and time together outside with the community at the end of these sessions.

Besides all our classes of formation, we are enjoying and having a meaningful time with our pastoral work in a parish, visiting the sick and old people two days a week and sharing life, faith, culture and tradition in our daily life, prayers and activities together.

Sr Maria Javier Echecopar SSCC from Peru who was with us for three months to help us out with the English language had to return to Peru due to her health conditions. We are grateful for her presence, encouragement, support, and wisdom that she shared with us for the short time she was with us.

During this month, we celebrated the birthday of two sisters, Sr. Anni from Medellin and Sr. Ellen from the Philippines, with a beautiful prayer and community celebration.