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News from Indonesian Province (Brs)

64 professed brothers of Indonesian Province gathered in a warm brotherhood atmosphere at Syantikara Retret House in Yogyakarta for a one-week Annual Retreat from 3-7 July 2017. Because this retreat was in line with Bicentenary celebration of the approval of our Constitutions, the main theme of the retreat gave a strong emphasize on self-formation in the vision of our Founders: "Constitution Shapes Us and Our Mission of the Sacred Hearts".

Fr. David Reid sscc led us to the very root of our Religious Family, which has been formulated in the pages of our Constitutions. Fr. Martin Irawan sscc accompanied us to reflect on the context of different places in which our Constitutions are being lived and applied.

New spirit arose after group sharings that urged us so intently to take time for discernment on “our being” with and “our being for”. From there we tried to write our PARLS for our own personal growth, for the each respective community and at last, for the Province. The closing Mass was celebrated as thanksgiving for the 25th Anniversary of Religious Life of Fr. Antun Wardoyo, Fr. Alex Dato, Fr. Patris Breket and Fr. Ferry Indrianto.

Indonesian Province is very blessed with 10 newly professed brothers: Vito Mage, Min Botan, Fortun Antung, Paji Lanang, Hans Liarian, Agung Nugraha, Kayus Duan, Yosa Liarian, Dedi Weking, and Gabriel Badin. Taking opportunity of the memorial of Mary Queen of Peace, July 9, the 10 brothers made their first vows on the hand of Father Provincial, Bonie Payong sscc. “Being called to be religious brothers of the Sacred Hearts means being called to witness the mercy of God in the Divine Heart of Jesus, His Son,” highlighted Father Provincial.

Another blessed moment took place on July 11, the Feast of Saint Benedict, when 13 new young brothers began their novitiate year. In a solemn Mass, a cassock was given to each of the novices to mark a fresh start in their religious journey. Some of the parents participated in the Eucharist and the program afterwards.

Beside these pleasant moments, we also had to say goodbye to Fr.  Ludwinus van Dongen sscc who left us for the eternal life on Saturday, 7 July 2017. Requiescat in pace Fr. van Dongen, you have been a great missionary with a joyful spirit.  


  • 1. Bernard Couronne ha scritto il 07/14/2017 alle 18:48:

    Félicitations à mes frères d'Indonésie pour leur vitalité  et leur témoignage de fraternité missionnaire. J'ai bien prié avec vous pour le P. Luis van Dongen connu au Chapitre général de 1982!
    Bienvenue aux nouveaux frères et novices. Priez pour les 2 novices français qui vont commencer leur noviciat en Espagne et un postulant à picpus.
    Tenez bon et avancez en eau profonde.
    Je suis fier de mes frères et soeurs d'Indonésue!
    In SSCC