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Novitiate Year 2017 in Salamanca, Spain begins (Brs)

At 7 pm on Sunday, 3 September, the initiation of novitiate year for Quentin, Henri, Santiago and Daniel took place in the small but enlarged chapel of the Encinar community. It is an international novitiate with two French and two Spanish pre-novices. The simple celebration was presided by the Provincial Superior, Aurelio Cayón sscc, and was attended by Alphonse Fraboulet sscc representing the province of France.

The proclamation of the Word of God said, "Come out of your land" and "God is revealed to the simple." Two good attitudes to enter this unique and special year that Aurelio has called "gift."

Following their requests, in which they took up their vocational journey of these years, Enrique Losada sscc, as novice master, received them with a hug and handed over to them the Constitutions of the Congregation, that records our vocation and mission as SSCC religious. We wish the four novices a good discernment, and the seven brothers who form the community a good year. We will pray for you.

It is also a joy to be able to report that in the coming weeks a young man will enter the pre-novitiate of the province of France (Chadwick), and two in the Iberian province (Juande and Tomás).


  • 1. Pedro Vidarte ha scritto il 09/12/2017 alle 20:50:

    Queridos hermanos, muchas bendiciones y mucha alegría en el Señor, para vivir este tiempo de dicha que nuestro Buen Dios les regala. Vienen bien aquí las primeras palabras del fundador al salir de su escondite:"Cuando salí me prosterné al pie de una encina que había no lejos de la casa, y entregué mi vida...". De algún modo, el noviciado nos invita a "salir" para dejar que el Señor "entre" en nuestra vida y nos ayude a responder, con generosidad y mucha caridad, al llamado de "entregar nuestra vida" a su servicio.