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October events at Leuven International Community (Brs)

On October 11, the brothers and sisters sscc attended the laying of the foundation stone for the new museum building dedicated to Father Damien de Veuster. It was a beautiful sunny day, full of activities. First, we had a meeting with the Mayor of Tremelo, followed by the presentation of a short theater piece created by a soliloquist. Then, from Tremelo, with all the people dressed in traditional dress, we went to Ninde (birthplace of Father Damien). We believe that by partnering with the Mayor, the new museum will be an opportunity to make our brother Damien a little more known around the world today.

On October 19, the community of Saint Gabriel (Paris) came to spend a day with us in Leuven. We shared all our projects and dreams. In the evening we celebrated the Eucharist together in the crypt of Father Damien. After Mass, we shared dinner together with the brothers at Number 11 (the larger community). It was a homecoming for some brothers. You could hear: "this was my novitiate," or "it has been many, many years that we haven’t seen…"

On October 24, at 19h 30, our brother Ferry Indrianto was formally installed as "Administrator Parish" of Parishes of Oud-Heverlee. Again, we wish him a fruitful pastorate. The community is seeing how to get involved gradually in other sectors of the parish. We just need the time to learn the language.

From October 22 to 28, the general treasurer, Sebastian Raja, came to spend a few days with us. This time the visit was to help us prepare our next budget.  He  informed us  on the economic state of the whole community and the new budget.

We expect the visit soon of our brother Paco Agea of the Iberian Province. To all those of you who want  to visit us, the door is open. Welcome ! Be with us!