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Ordinations in Spain(Brs)

On Saturday, June 7, in the parish of the Sacred Hearts of Seville, Fernando Bueno was ordained as a deacon and Pablo Pablo Márquez was ordained as a priest. The celebration was attended by their families, SSCC brothers and sisters, Members of SSCC Secular Branch and other people coming from different parts of the Iberian Peninsula. The Eucharist was presided by Monsignor Santiago Gómez Sierra, auxiliary bishop of Seville, accompanied, among others by the Provincial Superior, Enrique Losada. Fernando Bueno made his final vows a week earlier at the Chapel of the College of Martín de los Heros in Madrid, where he currently resides.

In his homily, the bishop recalled that this sacrament is "a sacrament of service." At the center of the celebration was the rite of ordination. After scrutiny and prayer of litany, Mgr. Santiago laid hands on Fernando and performed the prayer of consecration to the Order of Deacons. After the investiture of the respective garments and, he finally received the Gospel from the Bishop as a living symbol of faith that he was called to live and to teach.

Then the Bishop laid his hands on Pablo, and after that the rest of the concelebrating priests, all brothers of the Congregation, and performed the prayer of consecration to the order of priests. There was the investiture of the stole and chasuble. Finally, the bishop anointed his hands and handed him the bread and wine, offering previously made by his parents on behalf of all the people. More than one of their friends and classmates from Saint Joseph college, would be thinking: "Who would have thought a few years ago that this was going to happen?".

At the end of the celebration, Pablo gave thanks to the Lord before the Christ who presides the presbytery next to Jesus on Calvary, which are the images that have always accompanied him in his life.