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Pentecost in Koblenz (Brs)

An International Guitars Festival and Academy has been taking place in Koblenz for 23 years, during the week before the Pentecost. This year the event brought together 230 young participants from 50 different countries. In the festival the youths compete for first places; in the academy, teachers around the world give magisterial classes to the young people. All this is organized by the "School of Music" of Koblenz and coordinated by a former student of the SSCC school of Lahnstein.

On Pentecost Sunday a large number of participants in the event and people from the academic/artistic background and from the "world of music" in Koblenz, met for the fourth time in the Citykirche. Although four different languages were used for the prayers, readings and homily, it was through music that we met and communicated. The "Junior Academy", that brings together some 30 children with their concert pieces, the organ with prelude and postlude, the teachers of the academy with their solo performances, a quartet of solo vocalists, all converged in a rainbow of sound that touched and moved the heart of the participants.

"Music against violence and war - The Spirit promotes Peace" was the theme of the celebration this year. The beauty of music and art transforms, heals, enlightens, brings peace to the human heart. Beauty is a reflection of the Spirit in the midst of a world that often, and for many people, seems banal, brutal and violent.

Healing, reparation, reconciliation, issues so central to our charism and spirituality, have their place in the Citykirche of Koblenz, where a community of 4 sscc brothers have been living, praying and working for the past 11 years. Two brothers presided the celebration. This Mass of Pentecost is an expression –a very beautiful one by the way– of what took place here during the whole year. "Saúde e Paz" is what often happens, when one of the brothers of the community speaks with a person in one of the parlors of the church, or celebrates the sacrament of reconciliation. Monday to Saturday, morning and afternoon there is an sscc brother, a priest from a neighboring parish and/or any of the pastoral agents available to receive, listen, accompany and if necessary, gives advice and forgive. Pentecost is "Saúde e Paz", is joy and strength in the Lord.

Martin Königstein sscc