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Perpetual Profession of Alberto Para and Marco Giordimaina (Brs)

On Saturday, 25 October at 12.30 pm, during the celebration of the Eucharist at the Good Shepherd Parish in San Fernando (Cádiz), presided by Enrique Losada, Provincial Superior, and concelebrated by a number of priests of the Sacred Hearts, Alberto Para and Marco Giordimaina made their final vows.

Both of them were accompanied by their families, who had traveled from Barcelona and Malta respectively, as well as twenty sisters and members of the secular branch.

Alberto was the first to make the profession in the hands of the Provincial Superior, a ritual immediately followed by Marco, endorsed by the Gospel and the signing of the minutes at the altar.

It was a lovely and festive Eucharist, animated by the Good Shepherd Parish choir. There was a resounding saintly voice of the novices of the Sacred Hearts, who are from the Democratic Republic of Congo, when they sang in Kikongo.

A touching note of thanksgiving was given by Alberto, thanking God for his family and for all that he had received from the Congregation. Marco spoke in Maltese language to thank his family for their support and love.

The party continued at Saint Damien hall of the Church of the Good Shepherd, where the freshly finally-professed were "manteados" (tossed into the air), an expression of joy by these two new followers of Jesus "forever".