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Pilgrimage to Damian Center in Leuven (Brs)

   The year 2013 began for the Damien Center in Leuven with visits by different groups, some with their own agenda and others following the offer made by the project "Damian Today" to spend a day with Damian. Groups that came with their own program were mostly organizations with social conscience on current issues and / or support for Africa or Latin America.

Among these groups are: "Leuven Zuid", "11/11/11" and Broedelijk Delen. Following the offer of "Damian today" the center have been visited by groups of catechesis from the deanery of Bierbeek-Opvelp-Oud-Heverlee, from the Parish of St Etienne Ohain, and from Tellin (Rochefort).

In the monthly conference program we had Professor Johan Verstraeten with the theme "Damian’s obedient leadership: a love that gives life" , and the director of youth ministry of the Vicariate of Flemish Brabant, Mr Hans Homblé, who made an account of what has been the experience of young people who had participated in the World Youth Day in Madrid.

With the month of March pilgrimages to St. Joseph are mostly of female pilgrims (and some male pilgrims). This year the pilgrimages are animated by the slogan: "To be a Christian today."

Besides enjoying the welcoming coffee and cookies, pilgrims can see a power point with a historical summary on pilgrimages, accompanied by a reflection on the seven joys and seven sorrows of Saint Joseph, well illustrated with images of the garden of St. Joseph, adjacent to the old provincial house, which is now privately owned.

On the right is a photo of pilgrims of St. Joseph in 1902