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Precapitular Assembly (Andean)

Under the motto "Thinking and acting in the Andean province", the pre-capitular assembly of the Andean province was held from July 31 to August 4 in the city of Bogotá. A significant meeting that brought together 31 brothers from the areas of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, who shared a space for reflection and discernment on the present and future of the province.

The assembly began with the presentation of the works, where each community shared their achievements and challenges on the path towards a more meaningful and committed religious life. Given the pre-capitular nature of the assembly, the preparatory commission for the chapter and the delegates for the provincial chapter were elected, beginning the preparation process for the next chapter.

In the reflection on the present and the future of the province, the report of the provincial government for the period 2020-2023 was addressed. This report made it possible to assess the achievements made in recent years, but also revealed the challenges. The assembly became a space for deep and critical reflection to improve and grow as a province. Given the diversity of the countries that make up the Andean province, the importance of strengthening personal and pastoral conversion was recognized. In this sense, the presentation by Fray Rafael Diago OP, addressing the theme "The reality and challenges of religious life today", was important in illuminating discernment and reflection on the mission and the path to follow.

Likewise, topics such as the economy of the province were addressed. During the reflection, the achievements in this area were recognized, but it was also urged to continue moving towards a greater communion of goods. Initial formation and youth and vocation ministry were also addressed, topics of great relevance for the province. On the last day, the document prepared by the pre-capitular commission is communicated to the assembly to prepare with the local communities, the delegates to the chapter together with the provincial government, the issues of work towards the provincial Chapter. The areas of work are: the mission, Initial Formation, vocational youth ministry, the economy. In each area of work, a group of brothers was appointed from among the delegates with a coordinator in charge.

In the assembly there were also moments for sharing and recreation. In one of the days, there was a tour of the historic center of Bogotá, ending the day with a meeting with pastoral agents from the parish works and the Damián Foundation.



  • 1. Gilsenan ha scritto il 08/07/2023 alle 15:19:

    I enjoyed seeing menbers from Ecuador at the Andean Assembly. Saludos a todos. Trabando on parocisl rural i  Maudabawn , Coothill < Cavan Irlanando. Que pasen bien en Christo Pr Miguel