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Preparation for final vows, Medellin, Colombia (Sisters)

Dear sisters, we the sisters who are in the experience of this preparation for perpetual vows greet you again from Medellin.

The month of March has been a full month, rich in meetings and different experiences that we want to share with you. We have been able to share with our brother Guillermo Rosas sscc about the Reparation and Consecration to the Sacred Hearts in a very good climate and openness to the novelties of this world that still needs the tenderness of the Good God that our charism offers. Then we let ourselves be illuminated for another week by the rules of discernment of Saint Ignatius by the hand of the Jesuit Darío Restrepo, something that gave us light and clues to continue recognizing in daily life and at this moment in particular, the traces of the Good Spirit in our lifetime. All of us, from different ways and cultures, agree that it was very helpful to approach discernment in this way. We have also shared and enjoyed our sister Patricia Villarroel sscc as we rediscovered together with her the meaning of our vows. They were rich days of meeting, of enjoying fraternity, of deepening in how these three vows are means to continue loving and better serving the Kingdom that Jesus proposed.

And the icing on the cake this March has been a Holy Week that we have had the good fortune of living in Las Mesas in "missions". There, each of the five Junior sisters have been accompanied by a sister from Colombia (Libia Rosa, Gloria Maria, Ana Lucia, Consuelo, Berta and Yenid Lorenza) and with them, we have been in the town and in the different small towns of the area accompanying people to live this important time. They have been precious days where to approach the reality of the people, where to live the hospitality of the singles, where to share “arepas” and "tinticos", where to learn of the country side and its rhythms, to enjoy the simple celebrations, of the traditions of the zone, of the faith of the people... we are very grateful for everything contemplated, shared and celebrated. And also to the sisters who welcomed us and accompanied us this Holy Week.

And now we enter fully into this Easter time that speaks of Joy, Light, Life, of Promise ... And I believe that the experience of Holy Week, passing and knowing our presence in Pereira and the paschal and loving welcome of the sisters from the community of Medellin, when we returned home, invites us to live this time that we have ahead of us in that way: with Joy and Hope, in which Life has the last word although sometimes we are "even in the dark".

We continue well, walking in this time of international experience and trying to welcome everything that is offered in it. We are very grateful to our sisters in the community of Medellin who continue to accompany us during this time with great care and affection.

We wish you all very happy Easter!