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Priestly Ordination of Bibhunandan Porichha (Brs)

   The Region of India celebrated the Ordination of brother BIBHUNANDAN PORICHHA (Umakant) on 24th of October 2013 in his village church, St. Teresa Church, Kattama, Orissa.
   In the second week of October, cyclone "Phailin" had left the coastal towns and villages of Orissa in a wreckage. Yet due to a depression in the Bay of Bengal, heavy and continues rain for days around the ordination created a memory for Umakant and for all who participated in it.
   Ordaining bishop Right Rev. Sarat Chandra Nayak, Bishop of Berahampur and Bishop Niranjan Sual Singh, Bishop of Sambalpur who hails from Umakant's village got stranded on their way due to a collapsed bridge.  Alternative routes were also closed as small bridges were over-flowing with rain water. After waiting for hours for the water to subside, they arrived around 5:00pm. Ordination Mass scheduled at 10:00 in the morning began at 6:00pm and finished at 10:00pm with a beautifully elaborated and orchestrated liturgy.
   Many priests, religious and people from surrounding villages were not able to come due to rain and road blocks with landslides, over-flowing streams and rivers. Communication and transport system had already been shut.
   Even a weather like this could not take away the sense of joy and excitement. In the rain too there was much dancing, joy and celebration.
The liturgy and everything was well prepared by his village active youth and parishioners. On the next day he celebrated his first Thanksgiving Mass in the same church.
   The weather kept all worrying about especially us and all who had gone a long way to the village to participate in the celebration. For most of us it was extra ten or more hours of ride to return home. Congratulations to Umakant and thanks to his family and parish for hosting the ordination in his village.