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Priestly Ordination of Golak Poriccha sscc (bros)

St. John Mary Vianney says, “The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. When you see a priest, think of our Lord Jesus Christ." Yes! This was my experience on the day of Rev. Fr. Golak Bihari Porichha sscc’s ordination.  23rd June 2013 was one of the grand days for the region of India to have a new ordained priest.

Golak was ordained priest by Rt. Rev. Dr. Sarat Chandra Nayak, bishop of Berhampur diocese, who graced the celebration with the meaningful message to the new priest and to the rest of the clergy reminding them of their identity, ministry and responsibility and re emphasizing the message of Holy Father. I.e., the priesthood is not careerism but is a service to the people God.

The ordination was held in south west Odisha at Rayagada. The arrangement of the ordination was fabulous and the food was toothsome. In particular the ordination mass was celebrated in one of the convent premises (Deepthi convent SABS). There were many local priests who graced the occasion together with the provincial of U.S Fr. Johnathan Hurrell sscc and the vicar provincial Fr. Bob Charlton sscc and faithful gathered in hundreds. The celebration was wonderful.

The first mass was celebrated in Gunupur at St. Paul’s Church. Though it was heavily poring the people were there for the first mass to celebrate and to get blessing from the newly ordained priest by kissing the hands. The first mass homily was preached by Rev. Fr. Praphul Kumar Nayak the vicar of Berhampur diocese.

Overall entire ordination and the first mass together with package of the travel from one part of Odisha to other part of Odisha was incredible. Thanks one and all.