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Priestly ordination of Hugo Armín Pérez Díaz (Brazil)

On Sunday, 11th October, the Province of Brazil celebrated, together with the Region of Paraguay, the ordination of Hugo Armín Pérez, SSCC to the priesthood.  The ordination took place in the Blessed Eustaquio Sanctuary of "Health and Peace", in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).  Hugo Armín Pérez Díaz, 33 years old, from Paraguay, is the son of a family of seven brothers. He joined the Congregation in 2010. The novitiate and theology were carried out in the SSCC International Formation Houses in Chile. He was professed in 2014 and was ordained a deacon in Paraguay in 2019. Since February of this year he has been taking part in the special formation semester of the Fourth Stage in Brazil, where he was ordained. 

Among the challenges and opportunities brought by the pandemic this was an important sign of unity for the Province of Brazil and the Region of Paraguay. For the first time a Paraguayan brother was ordained in the Province and the ordination of a Brazilian, Jorge Campos, is being prepared for 12th November in Paraguay. The reasons are the same given the impossibility of travel due to the pandemic. The celebration was broadcast on the Father Eustaquio Channel on YouTube, bringing together family members, brothers and sisters, across thousands of kilometres. 

The ordaining bishop was our brother Archbishop Emeritus of Vitória, Mons. Luiz Mancilha Vilela sscc.  He lives on the south east coast of Brazil, some 11 hours away. The archbishop spoke as an elder brother to his new companion on the way. The new priest in his words of thanks, commented on the unity made possible by the internet. He spoke in the native languages of Paraguay (Guarani and Yopará) to his parents, relatives and neighbours who gathered as for a World Cup final.  He also spoke to the sisters, brothers, the secular branch and parishioners of Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and other Latin American communities and even Spain, whom he greeted in Spanish. In Italian, he expressed his gratitude to the elderly priests and consecrated "fidei donum" who had served his homeland in his childhood and youth. At the end he touched the hearts of those present and of the sscc communities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais with his loving farewell in Brazilian Portuguese.

Link to the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/2SS2McB

Link to the video of the ordination: https://cutt.ly/xgaf7C4