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Priestly ordinations in Batam (Indonesia) (brothers)

The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in the Indonesian Province received a special gift on the Feast of St. Damien, Wednesday, May 10 at St. Damien of Molaki Parish Church of Batam Island. Bishop Yohanes Harun Yuwono ordained two deacons of the Congregation, Dionisius Karitas Ribu Watun sscc and Stefanus Trihantoro sscc to the priesthood. Bishop Yohanes also ordained Nofensius Sadipun,  a deacon of the Pangkalpinang diocese, in the same celebration.

Bishop Yohanes in his preaching invited the community to reflect on the essence of the priesthood. The task of the priest is to give service to the people whom God Himself entrusts to His Church. Therefore the priests must serve as Jesus came to serve his people. But the task of the priest is not just a task at the altar. He must come out to see the suffering of the small and oppressed people. "The priest is not only in charge of the altar but also present in society to attend to people’s longing for Christ."

The event of the ordination, which was celebrated under the slogan "Called to Serve", was a moment of grace for the Congregation in Indonesia:  for the Parish of St. Damian-Batam, the parish of St. Damian-Laubaleng (Medan Archdiocese) where Father Stefanus Trihantoro sscc will serve, and for the people of St. Parish St. Gabriel-Sumbersari (Bandung diocese) where Father Dionisius Karitas Ribu Watun sscc will serve. 

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