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Regional Assembly of India (Brs)

The 11th Regional Assembly of the Region of India was held on June 19-22, 2017 at Sacred Hearts Seminary, Kolkata. There were twenty brothers in the assembly including Fr. Johanathan A. Hurrel, the Provincial Superior, US Province.

This assembly was decisive in starting to discuss seriously about elevating the Regional status to that of a Vice-Province. A preparatory questionnaire was sent to each brother before the Assembly, deliberating over the pros and cons on various components such as Personnel, Finance, Ministries and Formation. There was an extensive discussion over the matter and majority of the vote came in favor of sending the proposal to the Provincial Chapter in November 2017 for the erection of Vice-Province in 2020.

On the first day Fr. Alexis Nayak animated on Re-reading of the Constitutions for enrichment and renewal of our life. Fr. Johnathan A. Hurrel presented to the assembly a document on boundaries on ministerial relationships, for the Region to maintain healthy relationship with all.

It was also a privileged moment on the evening of 22nd June to celebrate the bicentenary of the approval of the Constitutions with all brothers in the Region. We had adoration, renewal of our vows and medals with the logo of the Sacred Hearts were given to all the brothers. In line with the spirit of Laudato sii some trees were planted in the property in the afternoon. 

On the following day, the 23rd of June, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Provincial blessed the shrine of the Sacred Hearts on the front lawn of the seminary.