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Religious profession of David Leou Tham, France

On October 26, in the chapel of Sarzeau, Fr. David Leou Tham from the diocese of Fenua, in the Marquesas Islands made his religious profession. In his words of thanks he expressed his gratitude for the presence of those who were able to celebrate with him this congregational event:
“Many thanks to all for my religious profession of temporary vows, for your presence and for the communion of prayers (for COVID health reasons and our little chapel), to Fr. Jean Eudes, the parish priest of Sarzeau, who represented the diocese of Vannes and to Bishop Raymond Centenes, who has welcomed us ... Fr. Christian Flottes our provincial, (representing Fr. Alberto and his council) gave a beautiful sermon on consecration. Fr. Jean Claude Lefranc, Novice master and superior of the community of Sarzeau. Mgr Guy represented Mgr Pascal de Taiohae and Mgr Jean Pierre de Papeete. Fr. Leon represented the local community. Fr. Tobe regional superior representing all the brothers of Fenua. Fr. Christian Malrieu represented St Gabriel and all our St Gabriel, Montgeron, Picpus, Thais, Graves communities ... Brothers Quentin, Antoine and Chadwick sang well and enhanced the beauty of the liturgical celebration. Fr. Valent (superior initial formation, stage 1-2-3-4), Fr. Remi (spiritual guide) and Fr. Bertrand (confessor) supported me a lot. The community with Jean Claude Marjou, Alban, Raymond, Alain, Bertrand, Henri, Jack, Yves, Joseph has been heartwarming. Sr. Analucia, sscc represented all the SSCC sisters, (including Sr. Patricia and her council) and Marie Christine from the Secular Branch - sscc network also represented Fr. Bernard (postulant master) and finally, Ahmed, a good friend of the congregation (representing everyone all over the world)!
Again, a very big thank you to all, for everything, As Alban said, ‘never backward, always forward ....’ United in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary ”.
Br David sscc