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Retreat and Assembly of the Vice Province of Colombia (brothers)

The brothers of the Vice Province of Colombia met for three days of retreat and for two of assembly, from June 22 to 25, at the farm Los Olivos, former novitiate house in Puente Piedra.

The retreat, from 22 to 24, was conducted by Marcus Vinicius Maciel sscc, from the province of Brazil. The central theme was the life of Blessed Father Eustaquio sscc: his spirituality traits that help us to realize our ss.cc life, his identity as a brother of the Congregation, his availability to depart early from the places where he had been sent to protect his quality of life and the very presence of the Congregation. At the same time in Eustaquio it is possible to see a brother of prayer, seeking God with a genuine desire, who lived intensely the adoration and the Eucharist. This contact with the Lord prepared Eustaquio to surrender himself unreservedly to the service of the suffering. His commitment to the oppressed is was an expression of his relationship with God.

We feel sure today that in Eustaquio we are challenged to deliver our lives generously to the service of those who suffer, to be available to go, not to where I want to go, but where we are sent. In presenting the life of Eustaquio, Marcus Vinicius used also photographs and videos.

On Wednesday afternoon we lived the sacrament of reconciliation. To hear the confessions we had a religious priest of the Renewed Franciscans, who have their friary next to our house. It was a very meaningful experience for the brothers.

During the Assembly time was devoted to reflecting  deeply on the reality of the Vice province: the decrease in the number of brothers, the urgent need to leave a presence, which criteria to decide, and the projection ahead of the merger with Ecuador and Peru.

On the 25th we finished the day with the celebration of the anointing of the sick brothers León Silva and Orlando Cubillos

It was an emotional celebration in which the brothers shared their encounter with the “sister” disease. Both much appreciated this opportunity.

The Assembly ended with the celebration of the final Eucharist, thanking God for all what was lived during the week. Finally, the brothers noted the value of having both, the retreat and the Assembly, in a house of the Congregation.