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SS.CC Community of Mozambique

"With the desire to strengthen the mission in Mozambique, the General Government thought of strengthening the community, which has two presences, with perpetually professed sisters, in order to give a new focus to the mission. Our presence in Mozambique responds to the choices of the Congregation, and we must do all we can to strengthen this mission and remain there" (Letter Superior General to the Sisters of the Congregation, 18 July 2022).

After listening to the reality of the sisters and the mission, for the past two months, "the decision has been taken to detach the community of Mozambique from the Territory of Africa and to attach it, for a time, to the General Government. In this way, we intend to free the sisters in the Democratic Republic of Congo from this responsibility and give a new impetus to the mission in Mozambique. The Lord has manifested himself in this through four sisters in perpetual vows who have accepted the call to go to Mozambique.

The Mozambique community will be composed of Brigida Eduardo Macamo and Inés Estevao (VT) from Mozambique ; Elizabeth Drolshagen, who arrived on 8 July and Felipa Fernández, who arrived on 5 August, both from the Territory of Spain ; and Marcia Jamett, from the Territory of Chile, who arrived on 12 September. Only Huguette Manzanza, from the Territory of Africa, is missing, and they are looking forward to seeing the mission project together. 

On 20 September, the sisters of this community had the joy of celebrating Elisabeth's 25th anniversary of religious life, a good event to encourage the mission they will carry out together.