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The end of the canonical visit to the Province of Pacific–USA (Srs)

With the visit to the Fairhaven community, the canonical visit to the Province of Pacific/USA ended. The visits to the communities of Hawaii concluded with a meeting of the Zone, in which all the sisters participated. In that meeting, the sisters had the opportunity to share how they saw themselves in the process which the Congregation is living and the challenges that this supposes. They reflected on the attitudes to be strengthened, the commitments to be taken and the pillars, which sustain our life, so that we can assume the changes which the new Reorganization brings with it.

In Fairhaven, given that the sisters’ house is very small, we stayed in the Retreat House in Wareham, highlighting the warm welcome given to us by Claire Bouchard and especially  Stanley Kolasa.

During the visit, we had time to meet with the Brothers and with the Associates and the members of the Secular Branch. In the same way, we had an opportunity to visit the Works in which the sisters are involved.

To conclude the visit we met with the Provincial Team via Skype, as some members were in Honolulu and others in Fairhaven. In that meeting appreciation was expressed for what the sisters are doing, at the level of internal restructuration as well as their implication in the process, which the Congregation is living. Some concerns and suggestions were also shared in relation  to the future.