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Viceprovincial Assembly in Colombia (Brs)

From 18 to 22 January The brothers of the Vice Province of Colombia held their start of the year assembly, January 18 through 22.  We got started with lunch on  the 22nd.  Then we had an inclusion exercise. Eli Perdomo, who celebrates his 25th  anniversary of profession spontaneously shared his experience of religious life. Then Francisco Gorisen  did  the same. It was a gift to hear these brothers say what it has meant for them to be Sacred Hearts: in difficult times it has been the community that has sustained them and given new strength to continue the journey.

After this, each brother in small group discussion, told how he lived  2015. This  was  a good  space to be in, where there was the possibility of going deeper into  the experiences of each one  and recognize the movement God in personal histories, community and pastoral.  With this work finished, the Eucharist was celebrated and the first day ended with a dinner to welcome all the brothers.

Tuesday was dedicated to reflect on the theme of mercy. A lay theologian who has worked with the Dominicans presented on the papal bull Misericordae Vultus.  The orientation was to pick up on  the Pope's proposal for 2016 at the level of the community and  within our  pastoral scope.

Wednesday was the presentation of reports on the Vice Province and the economy. After each there was a  evaluative reflection on the process of organization that has been made in the Vice community and on the economic level. Similarly, everyone was invited to add quality to community life and do the same for communal planning processes of pastoral action. The next day, Thursday 21 youth ministry and initial formation reported out on what went on. Likewise, there was an analysis and reflection on the aspects shared.

On Friday 22 , the Assembly worked the landscape of 2016 with the theme of mercy in view,  worked on the Vice Provincial schedule and ended with a Mass of thanksgiving for the lively  Assembly. In the same celebration Elkin Jair Collazos Carvajal and Jesús Fabián Cifuentes renewed their vows for two years. We thank God for the vocation of these two brothers and wish them a solid experience of theological training and community life so that they can consolidate their option to follow Jesus in our religious Congregation.

We finished the Assembly by sharing a roast. We thank God for this time of meeting, review, reflection and projection of the life of our Vice Province. The fact of having the meeting  in a house of the Congregation was well appreciated by the brothers. This demanded sharing common tasks, housekeeping and fixing up common areas. While more economical,  we were stretched a bit,  even bringing us to sharing rooms. Thank you all for being together and the presence and the services provided.