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Virtual assembly sscc (Indonesia)

On 6th January, the sscc Province of Indonesia held a virtual assembly. The theme of the virtual assembly was "distance is not a problem -  united in the sscc spirit". The assembly was attended by all the Professed members, including the young brothers in the formation house.  The assembly was declared open by the Provincial  of Indonesia,  Bonie Payong and all participants were welcomed. The assembly was facilitated by Lusius Nimu (Vice Provincial) who ensured that each community had a chance to share. There were 3 guiding questions: the pastoral experience in the period of covid-19, community life as religious; new pastoral approaches despite this difficult situation. 

By sharing and listening to each community, every member was able to help each other to grow more in widening the spirituality and charism of the congregation in the level of personal, community and pastoral. 

The brothers who are working outside of the province were invited to share their life, their struggles and mission.  The brothers are spread throughout various countries end provinces, for example Japan-Philippines (Frs. Oscar Jegaut, Sri Waluyo -Lulu-, Martinus Parianto and Rusni Belalawe), International Community in Berlin (Dionisius Caritas and Patrisius Breket), Belgium  (Ferry Indrianto) and France (Valentinus Sedu Ritan), Rome (Thomas Sukotriraharjo and Paulus Halek Bere). In their sharing, brothers spoke about the struggles involved with a new culture and language.  However, they are happy and doing the best they in their mission as the children of Sacred Hearts.

At the end, the Provincial, Bonie Payong gave closing words and encouragement words for all the members. He really appreciates the way every member is living out the sscc charism in their pastoral ministry. He then encouraged all the members to deepen their personal prayer life and taking care for each other (Statutes 3.4). The virtual assembly ended with prayer, blessings and the singing of the Salve Regina, led by Thomas Sukotriraharjo.