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Visit to the community of Moorea, French Polynesia

With great joy on Tuesday, 11 October, 2022, the feast of St. John XXIII and 60th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, the community of French Polynesia received a visit from Fr. Alberto Toutin, our Superior General of the SSCC, who was passing between the United States and Fiji, Tonga.

Alberto spoke to the brothers about the "future project of the SSCC for the Pacific", exploring the possibilities of collaboration in pastoral ministry, formation, exchange and sharing (e.g. Father Tio of Wallis and Futuna). This means building bridges sin order not to be closed in on ourselves, but to be open to internationality through synodal dialogue. We are called to live our SSCC charism in the local Church, to be a presence in contact with everyone (the laity, the bishop, the diocesan priests, the catechists....), respecting the reality of a post covid19 mission that involves a concrete, lucid, conscious commitment (in the style of the second generation martyrs of the Commune, and being led too by the examples of Father Damien and Father Mateo), a welcoming grace and assuming our role in the face of the violence of today's world. This is the challenge for our mission. We can all bring to mysterious fruition our sscc mission. Let us begin by being aware of our mission, even in places that appear extremely remote.