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Visit to Huaripampa, Peru (Brs)

From 21st - 23rd May, 2019, Alberto Toutin visited the brothers community who take care of the parish of San Miguel Arcángel de Huaripampa, in the Archdiocese of Huancayo. Huaripampa is located 264 kilometers south east of Lima and 3,335 meters above sea level. In the community are Rufino Valeriano (parish priest), Hermann Wendling, Hilario Huanca and Julio Chambilla (temporary professed). The congregation has been present in this parish since 2012, which includes the sectors of Huripampa, Muquiyauyo, Muqui, Paccha and Ullusca, consisting of a population of about 60,000 inhabitants.

The parish is engaged in an ecclesial process of pastoral renewal at diocesan, deanery and parish levels. The first phase underway is that of making contact with the people who live in the parish. The motto for this phase is "Meeting your brother and sister". Thus, members of the Christian community, as messengers, seek out their neighbors or people close to them to personally deliver a monthly "Letter to Christians". In the letter is a message for life from the Gospel or a message appropriate to the liturgical time along with some practical information of the parish.

Through this personal contact and dialogue, it is hoped that a better perception of the reality of the people of the parish will be gained and that it will encourage moments of proximity and occasions for the people to meet.

If you want to see the pictures, click on this link: Gallery visit of Alberto Toutin