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Visit to Santiago (Chile)

From 1-4 July, Jean Blaise Mwanda and Fernando Cordero visited several places of the Congregation in Santiago, Chile. Friday, 1 July, was dedicated to meeting and getting to know the management team of the SSCC School of Manquehue, where they learned about the reality of this educational center and were also able to dialogue with the teaching staff.

2 July involved meeting and talking with the first group of brothers from the Provincial House.

On 3 July, they attended the Eucharist in the Parish of San Damiano de Molokai, presided over by Monsignor Julio Larrondo, auxiliary bishop of Santiago, during which the new parish management team, made up of lay people, deacons and Magín Vega sscc, took office. The bishop indicated that this pilot experience in the archdiocese of Santiago could be extended to other parishes if it works well, given the shortage of priests.

On 4 July, the visit to the community of Cochamó took place, the house where the servant of God, Esteban Gumucio Vives, spent his final days.

In addition to a conversation with each brother there was time for  a community meeting and final Eucharist. This community is located in the Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul, whose first pastor was Father Esteban Gumucio. The brothers are involved in the care of the Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul, the pastoral care of the SSCC school of Manquehue, classes at the Faculty of Theology, sexual diversity pastoral  (Padis), retreats and Youth Ministry activities.  They also, among other services, collaborate in the Parish of San Damiano de Molokai.

Link to the album of the visit: https://bit.ly/3Ouckpp