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Weaving of networks (Chile)

The work carried out by the communication teams that exist in some of the provinces is important. The presence of such a team is necessary in order to weave a network of communion at the service of the mission. We bring here, for example, the latest news from René Cabezón, Provincial of Chile, as it appeared in the 'Provincial's Update’:

"Two key factors for adding new audiences to the messages of the Congregation are being worked on by the Communications Team. One is the timeliness of information and the other is the creation and management of content. Little by little the objectives are being achieved. 

For example, on Facebook we have reached 4,400 people who follow us, of whom almost 3,000 interact with us by means of faces, little hands and comments. It is worth noting that the vast majority of our fans (or followers) are from Argentina and Chile, with more than 55% of the messages being of a positive nature. Negative messages account for only 2% and neutral messages for the remaining 43%.

Instagram, a network where the youngest followers are the most popular, currently has more than 2,400 followers, which allows us to have a reach of just over 22,000 users. 

Twitter and the website have fewer visits, but these were precisely the topics we worked on during the Communications workshop and will soon present their new features, something that can already be observed in the generation of content".