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Wroclaw (Poland)

Derek and Alberto visited the provincial house community in Wroclaw from 10-13 May.  

This house is also the formation house of Piotr Duczmal, the only professed student of the province. During these days we were joined by and met with brothers who are attached to this house and who serve in hospital ministry and at the shrine of St. Adalbert. We also met and spent time with Jan Dziakiewicz, who has served in the Ukraine for more than 23 years. He is grateful for the prayers that brothers and sisters throughout the Congregation are offering for him and especially for the people of Ukraine. 

Also based in this house is the Father Damien Foundation which, from Monday to Friday, welcomes and supports about 30 people with different abilities. In addition, the brothers have welcomed to this house people from Ukraine, the number of whom has grown since the Russian invasion. Today there are thirty. There is also a group of students and young workers living in the house. The latter participate in the liturgical activities of the community and collaborate in some of the pastoral activities of the brothers. We shared a dinner with them on the terrace of the house. 

On May 10, we celebrated together the feast of our brother, Damien of Molokai.

Later, in their feedback meeting with the community, Derek and Alberto appreciated the spirit of fraternity that is present here and which is shared with the other people in the house. The community was also invited to discern and formulate together their specific mission in this house. Finally, the brothers were encouraged to communicate more to the wider Congregation about some of the activities that take place here. This can easily be done through brief news items, with 1 or 2 photos and a few lines. 

Link to the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3rVcZ9Z