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WYD in Rio de Janeiro (Brs & Srs)

During the mornings from July 24 to 26 there were time reserved for catechesis. Today, July 24, a Arhbishop of Puerto Montt-Chile, Mgr Cristián Caro Cordero, came to talk with the youths about hope, a concept that was not used directly by Christ, but that spans virtually all of the Gospels. He showed, from his life, that hope cannot be ignored when you consider yourself as Christian.

He stressed two important moments in the lives of young people: moments of darkness and moments of light. The darkest moments are caused by various factors in the lives of young people: the lack of jobs, lack of a better future, separation of the parents, emotional imbalance, lack of confidence in the leadership, lack of models ... All these factors lead young people to withdraw into themselves and to the life of drugs, debauchery ... and yet, the youth must live in hope. This hope is not an idea, but a man. A man who was incarnated. If young people are to live with hope, the light is Christ. He continues to act, as he did with the only son of the widow, as he did with Lazarus ... these signs in the Gospels are signs of hope.

The bishop insisted that young people are the hope. However, hope goes along with faith and charity. He finished his catechesis urging young people to build a world of hope despite the dark areas offered by humanity.

After the catechesis, the youth celebrated Mass with the bishop-catechist. Mass at the Parish of the Sacred Hearts of Rio de Janeiro.

In the evenings are planning a vocational fair on the grounds of "Boa Vista" and also some cultural events.
At 18pm Brazil time , Pope Francis arrived in Rio de Janeiro. All young people were present to welcome him with songs like "We are the youth of the Pope". Some of them were a little frustrated because the Pope passed by speedily in a closed car. It was noted that the rain that fell for two days in Rio de Janeiro has not favored to see the Pope in the "Popemobile".