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† Sr. Henriette BRUNINX sscc (Belgium)


Into your hands, Lord, I commend my spirit (Ps 31)
    Sr. Henriette BRUNINX was born in Millen on the 3rd June, 1911. She grew up in a large family of nine children, five brothers and three sisters. Her family were farmers, and she learned how to work hard.
    She began her postulancy in Tongres on the 24th December, 1929, and her novitiate on the 4th August, 1930 in Paris. She made her first vows on the 12th February, 1932 and her final vows on the 12 February, 1935, also in Paris.

    The greatest part of her strong and young years were spent in France: in Rennes, Mende, Paris and Saint-Servan. Later, in 1952, she moved to Tongres. In 1985, she came to Heverlee and because of work being done on the sister’s wing of the building, she stayed for a year in Woluwe. From 1991 she lived in the retirement home “Home Vogelzang”.

    We say “goodbye” to Sr. Henriette and we remember her with gratitude. You were worthy of our affection: amiable, gentle, loving your work, generous, prayerful and ready to make sacrifices. As you meet the Lord, you have been given the strength needed to always be a warm hearted, grateful and happy person.
You have faithfully taken care of your spiritual life and you have worked hard, mending shoes, painting, in the garden, in the kitchen, in the laundry. From 1991, you were able to rest in “Vogelzang”.

    Your charism is a smile and good humor. Gratitude was one of your characteristics and you were always an inspiration to those who visited you.
Without complaining, you endured the infirmities of old age. Conscious, you were ready to meet your Lord and Master.

    We want to be encouraged by your example of goodness, of silent prayer and discrete giving. Sr. Henriette, we do not say goodbye to you, but until we meet in heaven!
Sr. José Vivys
Coordinator of the Sisters
of the Belgian Sector