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† Sr. Jeanne-Yvonne ETOURNEAU sscc (France)


   On September 29, Sister Jeanne-Yvonne Étourneau left us to join her sister Victoria in the Father's House. In Poitiers, we have very proufound memories of her discretion, her noble and generous heart, full of attention to each one in the community. Her fidelity to the Lord was reflected here on her sick chair by her beautiful hand gesture at the time of communion, an act of offering and receiving!
   Born on March 18, 1907 at Vallet in Loire-Atlantique, Josephine, Mary, Constance Étourneau entered the Congregation in 1934. After her commitment on August 4, 1936, she went immediately to Courcelles in Belgium as a teacher and returned a year later to study nursing.
   Among the various services entrusted to Sr. Jeanne-Yvonne we note that of being the animator of several communities in France and that of econome at the General House in Cassia, near Rome, for 20 years. The communities of Larajasse then Boissy St Leger in the Paris region welcomed her, and it was in 2004 that she came to “La Residence Grand'Maison” in Poitiers.
   Today, we remember with emotion the two sisters, Victoria and Jeanne-Yvonne, supporting each other in the long corridor leading from their bedroom to the chapel.
   Let us now call one of her grand-nieces, Cecile Legault. It gives us the beautiful testimony read at the funeral of her aunt.
   "... Much of your life was spent in adoration. You loved this heart to heart with Jesus and we often found you in the chapel when we came see you. You loved Jesus in the Eucharist and you helped us to love him as well...
   ... A great peace emanated from you and a sensitivity towards all... You were truly present to each of us asking the right questions, you were interested in what we were experiencing, bringing comfort and support and witnessing the presence of God.
   ... Your heart of prayer and peace was very close to that of the children. Providence has allowed you to come and spend your last years in Poitiers. When we came see you with the children, you were enraptured by their smiles, their gestures, their games ...
    You have gone, to Jesus, to join your twin sister, Yvonne, who went 15 days before you... Thanks Aunt, for your prayer, your peace. Thank you for being our sentry with Jesus”.
   Your life, Jeanne-Yvonne, was not simply a passing through the earth because you celebrated your 101 years of age in March. Today your brothers and sisters of the congregation assure you of their prayers and ask you to intercede with God that they continues in the world, the mission of adoration and evangelism.
Sr Marie-Hélène Granjon
Sr Marie-Sylvie Maurin