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† Sr. María Blanca ORBE sscc (Colombia)

   Sister María Blanca, 102 years old, died on May 20th, 2009 in Medellín, Colombia. She entered the novitiate in 1936 in San José de Rumipamba, Ecuador, and she pronounced her perpetual vows on September, 29th 1941 in San José de Rumipamba, Ecuador.


   “Father, my life is in your hands”
   This is how we experienced our dear Sister María Blanca Orbe: her life was always in the hands of the Father in an unconditional and generous service to the Sacred Hearts, for all that the Lord required.
   During these last 4 years of silent incapacity, she lived in great peace awaiting the final encounter with the God and Lord of her life and history.
   On Wednesday 20 May at 12 noon, María Blanca breathed her last in an enviable peace, hardly without noticing it, she gently fell asleep in the Lord's hands after 102 years of love and service.
   Maria Blanca Orbe, was born in Otavalo, Ecuador on February 12, 1907, belonged to a very Christian family, her two sisters were nuns, one was a Carmelite and the other a Sister of Charity of St. Vincent. Her brother Cesar Orbe, was a Jesuit Priest who was highly esteemed in the Society of Jesus in Quito, Ecuador.
   She entered the Congregation on September 24, 1935, in Quito, Rumipamba. On April 20, 1936, she began her novitiate in Rumipamba and in her notes says, "For me I consider this date as my perpetual vows and during my night adoration I said to the Lord: I give myself as a child in the vast sea of your heart."
   On April 23, 1938, she pronounced her first vows and went to teach in our schools in Cuenca and Rumipamba, Quito. On September 20, 1941 she made his perpetual vows since then her life would be an unconditional YES.
   On the October 25, 1945, María Blanca Orbe was asked to open new ways for the Congregation. The Lord wanted us in Colombia and she was one of the Founders of what is now the Province of Colombia today. She arrived with 4 Sisters and planted the first seeds of our educative mission. María Blanca Orbe was the first headmistress of the new school in Pereira, enjoying great acceptance and affection from the students who remember her with a lot of gratitude.
   In 1965 she was needed to do missionary work in Santa Elena (Ecuador) and there she totally dedicated herself to the evangelization of the ordinary people.
   In 1970 she returned to Colombia and offered to work in the "Saint Nicholas" School, in a poor neighborhood and she stayed there for several years serving with great affection very poor children.
   In 1995, the Sisters of the Community of Pereira, suffered the impact of the earthquake, which destroyed the building of the Community and School, for this reason, María Blanca and some Sisters had to leave there and join the Community of Robledo-Medellin. From then onwards she remained in this community and gave her life: to Adoration before the Tabernacle. She spent many hours dedicated to being in close communion with Jesus, whom she so loved.
   In 2004, we saw her strength weakening bit by bit, her memory was deteriorating to such an extent that she remained in silent rest.
   Maria Blanca Orbe, has left a testimony of faithfulness to the Lord, a great love of the SS.CC. Charism, especially the Eucharist. She could miss anything but adoration the time for which was well marked. From this sprang the capacity of unconditional service, an honesty in her way of acting and a great consistency in her life.
She gave herself into the hands of the Father just as she had wished, and we saw her go out just like a candle, next to Jesus in the Eucharist.
   The Sisters of the Community of Robledo, ask you to give thanks to the Lord for her life, rooted in his love and dedicated to giving glory to the Sacred Hearts.
María del Rocío Carpio and the ss.cc. sisters of Robledo-Medellín