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† Sr. María Teresa VILLAR sscc (Spain)

    Sr. Mría Teresa, 94 years old, died on August 26, 2009 in El Escorial, Spain. She entered the novitiate in 1940 in Saint Servan, France, and she pronounced her perpetual vows on February 17, 1948 in Paris, France.


Our sister María Teresa Villar Romero died on the 26th August in the community of El Escorial.
   María Teresa was born in Santander on the 6th October 1915, to a very christian family. She studied History and entered the Congregation in 1939 making her novitiate in El Escorial where she made her temporary vows on the 25th March, 1942.
   While in temporary vows, she worked as a teacher in our schools Torrelavega y Santander. In 1947 she returned to Paris for the Probation period prior to making perpetual profession which took place on the 17th February 1948.
   She was a woman of great intellectual ability and professional preparation in the field of teaching, she worked as headmistress of our school in Santander, director of the School of Tourism in Madrid, she was in charge of the psychotechnical office in the El Paraiso School. She went to Rome, where she worked in the archives of the generalate for three years in the community of Via Cassia.
   During the years 1994 and 2004 she lived in the community of El Paraíso (Madrid) doing translations and developing records connected with the spirituality of the Congregation.
   In 2004 she came to the community in El Escorial as her health was deteriorating and she needed to rest. In 2005 and 2007 she needed a special treatment in an assisted residence in Madrid, returning afterwards to this community in Escorial where she lived out her last years
   María Teresa had a strong temperament, she was a hard worker, a woman of prayer and had a profound sense of God. This second aspect is the one that during her two last years was obvious in a noticeable way. Because of her illness she could not put two sentences together that made sense; however, when it came to conversations which centered on God, María Teresa never failed: her face lit up, her words were sure, full of wisdom and trust in the goodness of God.
   We are sure that the Lord has received her with great tenderness in the Heart of the Father. However, we recommend her to your prayers so that she can enjoy with Him the true life which does not end.
   In the name of the community we embrace you and remain always united in the Sacred Hearts.
María Paloma Aguirre, ss.cc.