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† Sr. Romilda COLIN sscc (France)


    Dear sisters and brothers,

   On Saturday, October 10, 2009, when the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, scattered throughout the world, was celebrating with joy and thanksgiving : the next day in Rome, one of their own would be canonized, Fr. Damien de Veuster, our dear brother Damien of Molokai, apostle of the lepers…
   When a large group of brothers and sisters were gathered with friends and colleagues in the vast basilica of Santa Maria della Minerva in Rome for a prayer vigil, our dear sister Romilda slept forever in the peace of the Lord. and entered the house of the father. What a joy for her to go to heaven to celebrate the first saint of our religious family!

   It was an intense moment for those who were praying and singing with one heart: « Dare life… dare to speak of love… ». During this time, the little candle that had been Sr Romilda became extinct after having shone through to the extreme for over 97 years.

   Sr. Romilda COLIN was born in Nauefor (Bavière-Allemagne) on May 5 1912. She entered the Congregation on January 20 1932 in Rome, she made her commitment on February 11 1934 in Picpus. Back in Rome, she provided the service of welcome. Her perpetual vows brought her back to France where she spend many years. In 1965, the General House moved to Rome and Romilda went to Cassia. In 1980, she had the joy of « working » in a Parish in Via Acerra, a small community in the mountains and was well inserted in this area.

   Of Italian origin, born in Germany, Sr. Romilda came to the Grand’Maison in Poitiers in 1986 after some twenty years spent in Italy. What ardor she displayed in order to participate in prayer meetings where she made many friends… and to bring communion to sick or elderly people!

   From evidence gathered here and there from those who knew her more closely, Sr Romilda was a soul of prayer, simple and fervent. How many times have we heard her say, even a little late and in recent months: “I still have my adoration to do”. This prayer of ador ation, Sr. Romilda knew how to do it in day to day living through her sensitivity, her kindness and her smile.
   Let us thank God for life and vocation of our sister... Let us say to her: "Adieu! Arrivedeverci! "Bear witness to our gratitude for having had her as a sister. And also ask her not to forget us near the Triune God whom she loved and prayed to with such fervor and zeal.

   We entrust Romilda to your prayers!
   From a text by Jeanne Cadiou ss.cc. on the day of the funeral.

Sr Marie-Hélène Granjon and Sr Marie-Sylvie Maurin