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† Br. Jaak WINTEN sscc (Belgium)

   Brother Jaak  WINTEN ss.cc., 72 years old, died on July 26rd, 2012 in Antwerpen (Middelheimziekenhuis) Belgium. He entered the novitiate in 1959 and he was professed on March 19 in Waudrez (Binche) in 1960.

"Bon voyage, dear friend,

and see you in heaven.

Totally yours "

(St. Father Damien, Kalawao,

February 28, 1889)

 In grateful memory of


Our Brother in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts (Picpus)

Founder of Damien House, Antwerp


He was born in Neeroeteren on June 19, 1940

He maid religious vows at Waudrez (Binche) on March 19, 1960

He died in Antwerp (Middelheim Hospital) on July 26, 2012, strengthened by the Anointing of the Sick



We are thankful that we have known you as a supportive colleague, family member, co-worker and friend. We are grateful for your sustained commitment to so many small people on the fringes of our society. Your work in the Bond Zonder Naam was indeed without equal. It was not in the press. However, it was and remains important for many.  "Who would have ever thought?" as you said, when you yourself would look back gratefully.

Damien was your great example in life. In a way you have made the inspiration of Father Damien ??concrete in your sustained commitment to the littel ones. You had an unbounded confidence in him, both when all kinds of things came at you in your work and in the dark days of your illness. You talked a lot with him. "I know that Damien is very close and is taking good care of me. He keeps me on the right road," as you wrote it more than once.

The Damien House in Antwerp was your dream, your life's work, the apple of your eye. It was a good home for people who never had known the warmth of a home. You brought a family atmosphere, and you were a true brother to "your men.”

There grew a great mutual trust with Phil Bosmans. "He allowed me to do what was best for the people."

Your attention and efforts reached far beyond borders. There were many trips you made with supplies to Poland, and you supported the mission work in Mozambique.

In all your efforts you gave others the opportunity to reflect on your own life. You wrote full pages.

"I have a happy life. It was worth it. Who would have thought it? "

We can admire the exemplary way you bore your illness; consciously thought through and serene, with a quip every now and then.

For all that and more we are grateful.

Go home safely to Damien and Phil Bosmans and to Him who said: "What you do for the least of my brothers, you have done it for me."

Good bye, Jaak.

the brothers of the Sacred Hearts

and the Winten-Hendrix family

thank you for your prayers and condolences.

                                                                                                                        “Goede reis,beste vriend,

                                                            en tot ziens in de hemel.

                                                                   Geheel de uwe”

                                           (H. Pater Damiaan,

Kalawao, 28 februari 1889)