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† Br. Jan (Johannes Cornelis) JACOBS sscc (Holland)

    Jan was born in Vlierden on August 24th, 1920. He made his religious vows in Ginneken on July 9th, 1943. Brother Jan could be put into many jobs. He worked on the farm in Valkenburg. He was porter in Sint-Oedenrode. He did domestic jobs in Valkenburg.
    In December 1955 Jan entered the Trappist-abbey Lillbosch in Echt. The general government of the Trappist Order in Rome had given permission for this, just as the government of the Congregation. The test-period lasted only eight months. It became clear that this was not his way.
    Jan returned to Sint-Oedenrode, did domestic jobs and was assistant-porter. In 1967 he went to Bavel to take care of the garden, the bakery and the pig-farm. In 1974 he went from Bavel to Nuland to take care of the garden. When that house was closed in 1990 Jan moved to Bavel. He got there much time to pray. Jan was a real pilgrim. Innumerable times on foot, there and back from Sint-Oedenrode to the Sweet Mother in Den Bosch. Later on he made the same trip from Nuland. He went 18 times in Lourdes and never missed the pilgrimage to Emmerik.
    After his retirement Jan was a very faithful visitor of sick people in nursing-homes and hospitals.
    One of his devotions was his daily doing the Stations of the Cross. He completed his last station on Good Friday April 10th. He died in Teteringen. After the funeral service in Bavel on April 16th he was buried in the cemetery of the Congregation in Breda