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† Fr. Eli (Johannes Baptista) van HERWAARDEN sscc (Nederland)

   Eli was born in Rotterdam on September 19, 1919. He took his religious vows in Bavel on September 25, 1939 and was ordained a priest in Broekhem on July 25, 1944.

   One year after his ordination Eli got a nomination for the mission in Brazil. There he worked for over twenty years as pastor and teacher, in Ferraz de Vasconcelos and Araguari.
Because of problems with his mental health Eli came back to the Netherlands where he joined the community in Bavel. Multiple admissions in a mental hospital improved his situation only temporary. He became increasingly disoriented.

   In 1985, Eli was not able any more to live in a community and decided to live on his own in Breda. He still maintained some contact with the monastery and his family, but otherwise he became increasingly lonely.

   On June 30, 1997 in Breda, a dead body was found. This was already gone so far that it was not possible to determine who the deceased was, even not through DNA testing. This ‘unknown person’ was then buried in the cemetery Zuylen in Breda.
Recently, by new greatly improved methods of DNA analysis is determined that the mortal remains were the body of Eli.

   We will hold a Eucharist in memory of Eli on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 14.00 pm in the chapel of Zuiderhout, Arnold Jansenlaan 46, Teteringen.