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† Fr. Felix VANDEBROEK sscc (Hawaii)


   It is with sadness and shock to be the bearer of sad news of the passing of our brother, Felix Vandenbroek, 82, unto the glory of God.  Father had just come back from a well earned vacation in Belgium and, as usual, would spend a few days on Oahu to do a bit of shopping and then fly to Kalaupapa today, Saturday, for his weekend Masses.  According to Father Albert Garcia, Felix was not feeling well at all and thought it was due to "jet lag" or the long trip from Belgium to Honolulu.  I got back from our steering committee meeting in Fairhaven, Massachusetts late yesterday (Friday) afternoon and decided to take Felix out for dinner.  I knocked on his door several times and called out his name but thought he might be sleeping since I could hear the television in his room.  I decided to let him rest and would see him on Saturday.  Today, Father Albert knocked and shouted and decided to unlock the door and found Felix on the floor unresponsive and not breathing at all.  We called the emergency medical team and police and they are still here waiting for the medical examiner to pronounce Father dead.
   We will let you know when his funeral services will be held.  Until then, please keep Father Felix in your Masses and prayers.  May his soul rest in the peace of Christ and let perpetual light shine on him forever.
   We will be needing someone to help out at Kalaupapa in the meantime.  If any of you know of someone who could give us a helping hand, please let me know as soon as possible.

Chris Keahi sscc  
Provincial Superior